“A great card invites you in…” Erik C. Dunne

A great card invites you in…and takes you on a  journey. — Erik C. Dunne

Oracle Soup sistas, Gina Thies and Katrina Wynne, had a special treat when Tarot Illuminati deck creator and artist, Erik C. Dunne, dropped in for a Kitchen Table Conversation.

How does a deck artist get inspired to create a new vision of Tarot? What influences might guide the artist process? Who is the deck for? These and other fascinating topics are explored at our kitchen table. Come join us as we feed our soul…

Featured cards — High Priestess and Queens, the feminine side of Tarot

Tarot Illuminati deck/book kit from Llewellyn
Tarot Illuminati community on Facebook

Tarot Illuminati “High Priestess” card used with permission, © Erik C. Dunne


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