Bridging Tarot & Psychotherapy with Elinor Greenberg

The Oracle Soup sisters are joined by a master in the art of Tarot and psychotherapy in their Kitchen Table Conversation with New York psychotherapist, Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D.

What a delight and education it is to explore therapeutic styles of working with Tarot and clients…and some other yummy morsels too.

Here is a useful article by Elinor for The Tarot School newsletter.

The Gestalt Center (New York) where Elinor is Adjunct Faculty.

Elinor’s email address:

Katrina’s dog eating blackberries on YouTube: Mooky Loves Blackberries


2 thoughts on “Bridging Tarot & Psychotherapy with Elinor Greenberg”

  1. I love Elinor! I’ve had the good fortune of meeting her and talking to her at a couple of Reader’s Studio events. (How wonderful that she mentioned me in the midst of her conversation here!) Lots of great stuff! I want to wrap it all up in a doggie bag and take it home with me. 😉
    I especially loved the way Elinor talked about involving the client in the process of organically creating a spread for their reading.
    Some more wonderful food for thought here:
    We need to consider what the other person is interested in / looking for. Where are they on their path? And ARE they on a path of discovery? Some are, but some aren’t. We need to know what they are ready for so that we can meet them where they are. But, as Katrina says, I also need to believe that since they have come to me, they want my medicine, which encourages me to give them some of it.
    Thanks, Ladies!

    1. Welcome James…we need your wisdom and appreciate your input.

      Would love to have you over for a meal in our Oracle Soup kitchen!

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