Catching up with our busy lives…

No apologies here…just allot of exciting information about how busy and creative the Oracle Soup sistas have been, while also sacrificing their podcast schedule…our bad!

Card spotlight is on “XII Hanged Man” which perfectly describes not only the Oracle Soup suspension, but reflects our times as well.



“An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling” – Kindle here, paperback here
Spiritual Roots of Tarot” & “Biblical Roots of Tarot” – webinars on Global Spiritual Studies
Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course – onlline school
Private sessions and parties: in Portland, OR, in Yachats, OR, via phone and online

“Tarot of the Moors” – deck and book (not published yet)
“Tarot Coupling” – paperback here
Private sessions and parties: in Dallas, TX, via phone and online

Tarot School “Tarot Tips” – Gina and Katrina both contribute to this monthly newsletter

James Ricklef – “The Soul’s Journey” Kindle and paperback here

XII Hanged Man Tarot card image from Katrina’s original Albano Waite/Smith deck

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