Cooking Up a Presentation

NWTS – Portland 2015

Gina and Katrina love cooking up presentations to share with you. Now they offer their seasoned advice on how you, too, can prepare for an effective presentation.

Whether it is a podcast, conference talk, intimate class, or psychic fair speech, there are many opportunities for us to share our passion for oraclular wisdom…and a few challenges as well.
For more information or to ask questions about the topic of teaching and creating presentations, feel free to drop us a note or visit our various resources, including our Facebook page….Oracle Soup.


Gina Thies – Tarot Advisor

Katrina Wynne – Professional Tarot Consulting

Oracle Soup on Facebook

San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF-BATS)


Katrina’s photo by Paul Nagy

Gina’s photo by Katrina Wynne

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