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Whether you are new to the art of divination or are “old hat” to oracular topics, there is always something to share or learn about. Oracle Soup is dedicated to bringing you the most practical information from the combined experience of two renowned reading professionals.

We provide interesting chat between like-minded souls that is accessible and enticing for a wide audience. Most importantly we would like you to feel at home and pull up a chair at the table with Gina and Katrina.

Do you have a burning question about the intuitive arts? Do you need advice about your practice or curious about a specific technique? Are you interested in a topic that you want to learn more about or just have the Oracle Soup’s opinion or expertise?
We’d love to hear from you! Please drop us a suggestion in the comments section or post to our page on Facebook at

We can’t wait to serve up a new helping with your suggestions!


Gina and Katrina

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