Scholarly Tarot Work

Oracle Soup has a Kitchen Table lesson from an amazing scholar, Christine Payne-Towler, as we discuss the history and significance of the development of Tarot. Gina and Katrina mostly sat mesmerized as they listened to the walking encyclopedic knowledge of their special guest….and you know that is unusual.

Posted is a beautiful representation of the equality of work in her Tarot of the Holy Light deck, created with colorizer/artist Michael Dowers.

Tarot University – Christine Payne-Towler

2 thoughts on “Scholarly Tarot Work”

  1. Great enlightening interview Christine, Gina and Katrina! You should do more with Christine as this was just a small portion of what goes on in that expansive intellect. It is a sampling of her knowledge of the history of Tarot and other things.

    1. Yes…volumes have and can be filled with Christine’s research and knowledge. She really knows how to put it all together to make sense to the modern mind.
      Thank you for your comment!

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