Kitchen Table Conversation – the Art of Creating Oracle Cards

Callie French graced the Oracle Soup podcast cookery for a Kitchen Table Conversation about the art of creating a Tarot or oracle deck. Three wise and resourceful artists explain the depth of research and psychic intunement that embellishes the creation and adds power to the use of oracle cards.

For fun, pull out your copy of these decks so you can see the details explored in this rich exchange.


Rana George Lenormand, artwork by Callie L. French,

Tarot of the Moors, artwork by Gina Thies

Two “Tarot Cards for Cancer” cards, artwork by Katrina Wynne

Tarot of the Moors card image,
© 2016 Gina Thies

Rana George Lenormand card image,
© 2017 US Games Systems, Inc.


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