Kitchen Table Conversation with Arwen Lynch-Poe on Publishing

The South is represented in this light and informative Kitchen Table Conversation on publishing Tarot and oracle magazines, newsletters, video blogs, weblogs, podcasts and more. Arwen Lynch-Poe is a dynamite publisher and just took the reins on The Cartomancer quarterly journal where she has an expanded agenda for this wonderful resource.

For more fun information about Arwen, check out this interview by Katrina Wynne in The Cartomancer – November 2017 issue:
“Interview with Arwen Lynch-Poe  – New Publisher”
The Cartomancer v3iss4


The Cartomancer  A Quarterly Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle Journal – Arwen Lynch-Poe, editor

Tarotscopes video blog – Arwen Lynch-Poe

The Tarot School-Tarot Tips Newsletter – Gina Thies, co-editor with Wald & Ruth Ann Amberstone

My Sacred Journey weblog – Katrina Wynne


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